Zuni Fetish Beads

21 Sep

Zuni Fetish Beads

Zuni culture is rooted in nature, tradition, and spirituality; all elements are evident in Zuni Indian jewelry. Centuries of exceptional lapidary work and silversmithing have resulted in today’s remarkable Zuni jewelry.

Don’t settle for anything but high-grade turquoise jewelry. Purchase handcrafted unique Native American jewelry today at Southwest Silver Gallery.

These vintage Yuma Territorial Prison Handcuffs will take you back to the outlaw days of the Wild, Wild West! These rustic handcuffs are a replica of a fetter used by Yuma Arizona prison guards.

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Native American Trading Company carries fine, authentic jewelry acquired directly from tribal artists working on the reservations of the American Southwest.

These Mata Ortiz Pottery Ring Stands are the ideal way to keep yours on display & stable! Three clay rings in various sizes are included, hand formed & fired.

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Southwest Jewelry. At Twin Rocks Trading Post, Southwest Jewelry begins with ancient Puebloan stone-cutting techniques found in today’s Santo Domingo jewelry; stone inlay integral to contemporary expressions in Zuni jewelry; and silver techniques mastered by Navajo and Hopi jewelry artisans.

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Information about the Zuni Indians for students and teachers. Covers food, homes, arts and crafts, weapons, culture, and daily life of the Zunis.

Derived from a wide variety of natural resources such as plants, minerals, and s, the Native American necklace is revered and adulated throughout the world for both its diversity and beauty.